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Meet the trainer, Lea Ann Orr.

Photo by Steve Osbaldeston

Lea Ann Orr's goal is one that is becoming less and less common. Instead of having her students strive for the blue ribbon, she has them strive to learn and become the best they can be. Each student is given individual attention and taught in a manner that best fits them. Lessons are given in a group atmosphere to encourage a family-like bond between the riders, although more private lessons can be scheduled on a by-needs basis.  Each student is taught and encouraged to take care of their own horse.
Making Lea Ann's teaching unique is her ability to not only focus on the rider, but on the horse as well.  With her large amount of horse knowledge, she knows a problem with a horse when she sees it. She knows how to correct it too. Whether it takes a slight adjustment in the way the rider is commanding their mount or two months in training with her, Lea Ann will ensure that the problem is solved, while encouraging the rider to be active in the correction.
But it doesn't end there. Lea Ann has an extensive knowledge of 'around the barn stuff' as well. Being it feed or the amount of shavings in a horse's stall, she is the one to ask. So not only are her riders in great condition, their horses are as well.
Overall, Lea Ann Orr is a one in a million trainer and her riders and horses would definitely agree.



Lea Ann Snyder was born in Nantucket and went to college at [   ]. There she studied dance until she moved to Atlanta. Here in Atlanta she married Jeff Orr and later had two kinds, both whom ride.
Lea Ann soon aquired a small, private barn on the same property as her house where she would ride with her friends and train a few young horses. Then she started giving lessons to her next-door neighbor and a few of her best friends. As word grew of her skills, the Dreamland operation became larger. Soon she had to rent a place down the road to make room for her growing number of students.
Dreamland Farms later expanded to a forty acre facility on Canton Highway, but the group quickly outgrow the facilities there.  When Lea Ann was presented with the opportunity to take over the barn at Blue Valley Estates, formerly a western show farm under the name Five Star Ranch, she jumped at the opportunity.  Dreamland Farm now has a spectacular large facility, perfect for the needs of all students.

16360 Birmingham Highway
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004